Condiciones generales de excursiones para grupos


The user declares that he is of legal age (over 18 years of age) and that he has the necessary legal capacity to contract the services offered by David Mauri Hierro (Viatges Némon Vacaciones y Ocio, SL), stating that he accepts the binding of this agreement and fully understands and accepts the conditions announced here for the use of the website and the services offered.

David Mauri Hierro ( Viatges Némon Vacaciones y Ocio, SL ), is not responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data filled in by the user and, therefore, cannot verify their age.

In school groups under 18 years of age, VIATGES NÉMON will need, before the execution of the activity, the list of participants (Name and Surname) with ID and/or Health Card number.

Excursions of ½ or 1 day will not be considered Combined Trips, even if they combine two or more different services. As there is no overnight stay and the stay does not exceed 24 hours.


The acceptance of the budget implies the payment of the entire scheduled excursion based on the number of budgeted participants. In order to enjoy the contracted services, you must make the payment of 100% of the reservation before its execution.

Payment Methods:

  • The reservation will be considered effective once 50% of the total departure has been paid, no later than a week after the written acceptance of the budget and always before 7 days from the provision of the service.
  • By entering the IBAN account number  Banco Santander  ES37.0049.5652.7420.1604.1234   owned by  VIATGES NÉMON VACACIONES Y OCIO SL . Indicate as a concept the NAME OF THE SCHOOL OR CLIENT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GROUP and send proof of payment to the address
  • 7 days before the day of departure, the remaining amount of the total amount of the departure will have to be paid in the same account number and send the payment receipt in the same email.

If from the moment the first payment is made, to confirm the reservation (50%) , until the moment the second payment is made, 7 days before departure (50%) , the number of participants varies by more of 5% of those initially budgeted. You must notify VIATGES NÉMON in order to recalculate the budget in its possible upward increase. Because there are services that are charged per group and others per participant.

If the number of participants varies on the day of departure, it must be reviewed how it affects the entire budget of the exit and the group must assume any additional costs that may arise.


  • The group can cancel the reservation free of charge up to 30 days before the provision of the service. Only management expenses will be derived (25% of the income made).
  • If the group cancels less than 20 days in advance, the refund will be 75% of the total reservation.
  • If the group cancels less than 15 days in advance, the refund will be 50% of the total reservation.
  • If the group cancels less than 7 days in advance, the group is more than 30 minutes late or does not show up, no refund will be offered.
  • If the group cancels due to justified force majeure (accident, death or some force majeure impediment that affects the entire group,…). You can choose between carrying out the activity on another day of the year (or even the following school year) or receiving a 50% refund of the total reservation.
  • The refund of the amount will be made no later than the 1st of the following month with a 25% penalty for management expenses.


  • Schedules : the client responsible for the group, from the moment he contracts the services, knows and accepts the obligation to scrupulously comply with the schedules. The meeting time will always be 5 minutes before the start time. In the event that the group arrived 30 minutes late, it would automatically lose all rights to the service.
  • The client responsible for the group is responsible for ensuring that all participants of legal age are aware of the service (schedules, location, level of difficulty, physical conditions, cancellation fees and the general conditions of the service…) as they come in writing in the departure program that is provided, there is no possibility of return or reimbursement the same day.
  • The client, responsible for the group and/or school, is responsible for making the payment of the reservation and agrees to make the full payment.

Taking into account that delays would entail additional expenses on equipment, vehicles and guide fees, VIATGES NÉMON would reserve the right to apply a plus in the event that the client expressed by telephone his desire for the guide to wait to carry out the activity . As long as the executor of the service is VIATGES NÉMON. In the event that the service provider is an external company, the policy established by the service provider will be followed.

VIATGES NÉMON is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal effects or materials. It is not necessary or mandatory to bring any material for carrying out the activities. We do recommend the use of binoculars during activities around the Ebro Delta. However, VIATGES NÉMON is not responsible for the loss or damage that the material of the participants may suffer.

The company is not responsible for material or personal damage that may be caused during the provision of the service or as a consequence thereof. VIATGES NÉMON is not responsible for any material or personal damage or harm that the execution of the service may imply to the members of the group, whether or not they are of legal age. VIATGES NÉMON has civil liability insurance for group members and their managers. However, the client responsible for the group can request assistance insurance during the trip. This is NOT included by default in the initial price.

Rain, wind and bad weather in general, depending on the intensity, can be an inconvenience to carry out our services, suspending the activity if the guides deem it appropriate. In this case, a change of date or activity will be proposed, VIATGES NÉMON is not obliged to make refunds due to these meteorological causes beyond its control .

The displacement from the place of origin to the place where the activity is carried out is the responsibility of the client responsible for the group. However, VIATGES NÉMON (upon prior request) can offer to hire the transport service.

The client declares that they have been informed of the situation and requirements of the country/countries that are the object of their excursion in accordance with the information published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that they are therefore aware of the characteristics and possible risks of all kinds from the country/countries of destination.

VIATGES NÉMON is aligned with the guidelines of sustainability and respect for the natural environment. Therefore, it is mandatory to:

  • Do not deposit waste in natural spaces,
  • Travel in the most sustainable way possible,
  • Not produce distorting and annoying noises for the fauna,
  • Always follow the instructions of the guide who directs the activity,
  • Do not consume drugs or alcoholic beverages during the execution of the activity,
  • The person in charge of the group during the execution of the same will be in charge of the good behavior of the participants.
  • Help to improve biodiversity and local cultural heritage.

The guide will offer the start in Catalan as long as everyone understands the language. In the absence of compliance with this requirement, the guide will offer the activity in Spanish, English or French.

If any participant suffers from any disease or disability that may affect the development of the activities, or that it is believed should be known, or any nutritional particularity (celiac, …), please let us know in advance so that it can be prevented.

For a better functioning of group life, it is recommended not to use, at least during the development of activities, devices that promote isolation and individual distraction, such as video consoles, Mp3, mobile phones, …

In the case of school groups, the surveillance and responsibility of the conduct and behavior of the excursion participants, as well as the consequences that derive from it, are the responsibility of the legal guardians of minors and those responsible for the group (teachers, teachers,…), who will have to be present throughout the development of the activities (talks, visits, excursions, workshops,…).

If a bicycle activity is programmed, it is obviously necessary that everyone knows how to ride correctly. In any case, if there is someone who does not know how to go or has some type of complication, as long as it does not represent a number greater than 5% of the group, it can be resolved with the assistance van that accompanies the group.

If the excursion is of an educational nature, it is opportune that certain aspects related to the place where you are going to be worked on prior to the CEIP or IES, in order to get the most out of it. You can specify it with the agency’s pedagogical or reservations manager.

The list (name and surname) of all those attending the excursion must be kept and delivered to the person responsible for the AVV.

These contractual conditions of services are mandatory and the client, from the moment he makes the payment, acknowledges, accepts and assumes that all attendees under his reservation have read and accept the conditions thereof.